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Integrate Pest Management in Santa Barbara, California

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is essentially a common-sense approach to controlling pests. It requires the knowledge of pests and their biology, as well as the means of controlling them. Using IPM means selecting the control method that is least disruptive to the environment, while achieving control of the pest. IPM is a highly effective approach that minimizes the use of pesticides and maximizes the use of natural processes. IPM involves the carefully managed use of three different pest control techniques (biological, cultural, and chemical) to get the best long-term results with the least disruption to the environment. Santa Barbara Pest Control can help you choose the best method of control for your situation.
Trapping and baiting techniques  — pest management in California, CA

Services Offered

• Trapping and baiting techniques for animal and insect management
• Low Odor and Low Toxicity chemicals are used
• Natural Pesticides can be used for many pests
• Inspections and Consultations
• Wildlife Removal
• Gopher Control
• Structural Exclusion of Rodents
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Dead animal — Weed control services in California, CA
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