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Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Santa Barbara, California


Often just being pointed in the right direction is the most important facet in any pest management program. Certified arborists and pest control advisers can keep you from making mistakes and save money in the process.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Service

• Ants
• Cockroaches
• Fleas
• Flies
• Silverfish
• Crickets
• House Spiders
• Scorpions
• Earwigs
• Sowbugs
• Pantry Pests
• Fabric Pests
• Bees
• Wasps
• Black Widow Spiders
Hedges — Weed control services in California, CA
Spraying pesticide  — Fertilization services in California, CA

Residential & Commercial Wildlife Management Service

• Rats
• Mice
• Raccoons
• Possums
• Skunks
• Bird Abatement
• Gophers
• Moles
• Voles
• Bats

Weed Control Services

Existing weed problems and preventative programs can be managed. Poison oak, turf weeds, ornamental plantings, and other selective situations are our specialty.

Horticultural Pest Management

We offer free tree and landscape inspections to help identify and diagnose foliage and root problems. We offer fertilization programs to keep your landscape looking its best.
• Shade Trees
• Fruit Trees
• Citrus Trees
• Palms Trees
• Landscape Plants
• Roses
• Hedges
• Lawns
• Olive Tree Fruit Reduction Management